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Friday, 24 April 2020

How To Get A Google Job In India 2020 And Hiring Process At Google

  Jobsnetwork.in       Friday, 24 April 2020

How One Can Get A Google Job In India and Hiring Process

Let's discuss how one can have a Google job in India, the hiring process at Google, and how to get hired by Google. Not only Indians, across the globe, every employed or unemployed applicants once desire is to become part of Google LLC. In fact, the working environment, benefits, and the lucrative package in the world are the foremost reasons that fascinate peoples.

Google job in India and Hiring process at Google
Google job in India

Yeah, it is arduous to get a google job in India as a number of applicants are applying on Google Career to be placed on their dream job and Google is also always looking for their best candidate. Hence, the hiring process at google has become stringent but in the past, many of them are cracked this hell and give positive signs for us.

It is for these reasons, I am going to share some systematic approaches and proven strategies to get your Google Job in India and illustrate the hiring process of Google.

How to get hired by Google

To hired at google job in India, these 5 Strategies would be taken into consideration for an aspirant for effective results.

Strategy 1: Acquire new coding Language

  • Learn more and more coding language and become proficient in anyone like JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Undertake the projects on the base of learned language to become more proficient.

Strategy 2 : Take Part In Competition

  • Enhance your learned skills to take part in an online coding competition. Kick start is one of the most challenging coding competition that held globally by googles company employee which improved your skill and sometime winner of competitions may be invited by google for an on-site Google interview.

Strategy 3 : Search Your Programming Work

  • Without any prior employment experience in coding, it is arduous for anyone to work in any company. Hence, it is advisable to gain some work experience before google job application.

Strategy 4 : Interview Preparation

  • Take part in mock-up tests with job recruiters to learned basic interview skills like body language, fluent, and crisp speakers.

Strategy 5 : Take Patience

  • It isn't necessary to get a google job in India in your single try, you have to take patience and striving continuously.
  • it is well said that regular efforts determine the destination.

Hiring Process At Google

Likewise other companies, Google also has its distinctive hiring process which consists of 3 different steps.

Step 1 : Online Apply

  1. There are a number of job platforms which published Google job opening like Naukri, Indeed, and Many more but Google career platform is always preferable.
  2. Make Up to date your resume in a way that renders all your practical skills and expertise in the field of application.
    • Do not forget to mention your undertaken project, Google first choice is practical skills than educational grades.
    • Don't make a resume perplexed or lengthy else google recruiter may not take your profile into consideration.

Step 2 : Conducting Interview

Based on the application received, Google recruiters choose candidates for telephonic or personal interviews.

  1. Telephonic interview
    • This interview is conducted by a manager with whom you will be working if you placed. It is going on up to 30 to 40 minutes and you have to show your potential. Mainly, the interview question is all about data structure and data science.
  2. Onsite Interview
    • A Group of google team generally 3 to 4 members from the same group and cross-function about half an hour.
    • In this mode of interview, they scrutinized intellectual ability, interactions, decision-making, and erudition regarding the role you applied.

  • They offer laptops and other accessories to show your expertise in coding language.
  • You are free to ask any doubt and query to google recruiter while having the technical interview.

Step 3 : Application Review

It is the last step of the hiring process at google job in India. After the interview has completed, google recruiters will cross-verify your application together with your performance and approaches at the time of the interview before making an official appointment letter.

You may ask to recruiter about your status which couldn't affect on your selection process.

Jobsnetwork best wishes.

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